Many permits are required for undertakings within the municipality. If you wish to cut or trim a tree, install a sign, or plan a special event an application must be submitted to the Village Office for approval. A full listing of permit applications are listed below:

Adopt-a-Road Program Permit and Policy

Outdoor Campfire (Communal) Permit and Bylaw

Display, Ignite, Explode, Set off or Detonate Fireworks Permit and Bylaw

Driveway Access Permit

Land, Road and Highway Use Permit

Moorage Permit and Bylaw

Motion Picture Permit and Policy

Permission to Use Well for Non-Domestic Purpose After Water Connection and Bylaw

Sign Permit and Bylaw

Street Banner Display Permit and Policy

Temporary Sidewalk Extension Program and Policy

Tree Management and Preservation Permit and Bylaw

Use of Public and Municipal Property Permit and Policy; Memorial Hall Use Policy; Memorial Hall Brochure

Utility Service Connection/Disconnection Permit and Water Regulation and Sewer Regulation Bylaws


Please refer to our complete list of bylaws here